Adorable baby PINK elephant is at home with its herd despite its differences

August 15, 2018

For a family day out, this little baby elephant is really in the pink – thanks to its striking skin colour But no one seems to notice it's hue is different from the usual elephant grey tone that the others are sporting

The calf was snapped drinking with its herd in Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa With his bright pink ears flapping in the wind, the pink calf is believed to be an albino, an extremely rare phenomenon amongst African elephants The rare sighting was made by tourist Nicki Coertze while on safari with his family in Shingwedzi The minister from Polokwane, South Africa, said: "We were watching the elephants drinking at the Shingwedsi River when we noticed the albino elephant calf "We took pictures of the elephant through the car window, I was trying to keep super still in spite of the excitement of the others in the car

"I was really hoping the pink ellie would play in the water a bit, and wash all the dirt off, so we could see him in all his pinkness," the 58-year-old added "I took some lovely shots of pink ellie Some of the shots show it framed by the legs of another elephant, you can really see the contrast in colour between the two as the calf shows off its unique pinkness beautifully "I have been visiting Kruger since my early childhood, and have over the last many years being spending at least 20 to 30 days in Kruger every year "I have never seen an albino elephant before

"And then, none of my many friends have either So bearing that in mind, I have an idea that this is a once in a lifetime sighting for me "Albino Elephants are renowned to not have strong eye sight "Not one of my images shows the eyes wide open They tend to have pink eyes that are very sensitive to sunlight

"Amazingly, I think we were the only ones excited about the Albino Elephant "As far as the rest of the herd was concerned they seemed to just accept him in their stride"


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