Baby Supplies for Your Baby Alive and Baby Dolls Dollar Tree Plus Haul

August 15, 2018

hey everybody its Bug and Mama we have some dolls that you might recognize from one of our videos you might recognize Abigail from our mischievious baby video Elenabeth I got at Walmart when we were doing some baby supply shopping didn't we who found her? me you

and she is just so cute she's squishy and she soft and she just she has a little sleep eyes she kind of has the newborn babies kind of look and she she was only $10 at Walmart which is a great buy for an extra little baby so Bug picked her out and we brought her home so what we wanted to do today was show you some of the baby stuff we got okay so first up we have we bought a pack of the newborn diapers to go on the dolls they are up to 10 pounds these were the smallest one so that we could find we had bought some Baby Alive diapers but they're quite a bit more money so we went ahead and bought the 42 pack for extra fun so that was one of the things this is to hold the baby food and mix it or to store it in so it was the baby food storers with the little mixing spoon and we got this at the dollar tree at the dollar tree so those are really cute it's a little snap on the lids and the little spoon these are little washcloths for cleanups and these are from the Dollar Tree so we got a four pack and we thought those were good for the babies and they can also serve as towels for the Barbies right so that was another good buy I picked these out from Walmart because they are ballarina shoes these ones and they're super cute yes those are super cute and those can go on their little feet hopefully it'll work for these guys cause they this girl Elena has the curled up feet okay so we went ahead and tried them on they have different feet size but they both work so here's the little black kind of ballerina slipper look on Abigail And there on Elena the cheetah shoes sock with the neon pink coloring very cute I think she likes them don't you yeah so those are cute and we bought those in the newborn size so they fit by the size of the dolls these are baby bottles and both from the Dollar Tree so one is pink and then this one has Elmo on it that's adorable isn't that more of a little boy Cup? Elmo is for boy or girl yeah so I'm going to give that to Elena beth she has the most pink so far listen she has a lot pink going on there and then we got these little pacifiers and they are actually for a zero plus months so they are the newborn pacifier so they should be hopefully small enough that they'll work in the babies mouths should we try them I know which one of them okay so there are there little pacifiers and we did trim them down each to cut fit their type of mouth so but they work there and you can just stick the paci right in there and and so we just trimmed hers down on the sides okay know what I recommend for this just make sure you have your adults permission to cut your pacifier at home

don't be just cutting up pacifiers at will? what if it is your baby sister's what will happen? that would not be good hey baby sister will be mad ok and so the last thing that we picked up was a sippy cup that we can use and since all the cups nowadays are spill proof and you're not wanting them to necessarily be spill proof with Baby Alive you can remove the spill proof part of it and then just use your sippy cup what do you think of today's doll haul? where's your favorite place to buy supplies? and see you next time bye thank you for watching! subscribe it's free! What can you Imagine?


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