Basic Dog Training Tips : Using Treats for Dog Training

August 12, 2018

So what I'm doing right now is getting Roby to see that what she wants to have, which is a nice, juicy hot dog, is in this hand And once she really gets used to this, I'm going to ask her to start moving around and following the hand

Good And see if she's ready to follow me yet Good girl Good Good

Good Good Good Good Good

Good Good Good Nope Now next door we have two pit bulls who are under socialized

So they're going to make her react a little bit Because she's really not sure they're not going to come over here They're going to talk a little smack And work together to cause a bit of a problem In the chair is Roby's owner

And she's used to being a little bit of a lap dog when she gets nervous and get her rewarded for jumping up and getting pet So we're going to try to change that a little bit today


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