Darkman (7/11) Movie CLIP – The Pink Elephant (1990) HD

August 15, 2018

ls that what it was? Was that it, Peyt? God, l love you, darling! Oh, it's good to be back Come on, Julie Hastings, l'm going to win for you the biggest, fuzziest, pinkest doll on that rack

Yes Then l got to run You always have to run Why is it always so dramatic? l have my hospital sessions l'm not 100o% cured yet, but l soon will be

Where is this place exactly? l want to be involved somehow Can l take you there? No Please, Julie, l don't want you to see me there l don't want you to think of me as an invalid or some kind of a freak Uh, the pink elephant, please

lt don't count unless you're behind the line l was behind the line Not hardly l was standing right here with my girlfriend Now, the pink elephant, if you please

No way lt doesn't matter, Peyton lt matters l won a pink elephant for my girlfriend Why don't you just, uh

get lost, pal? The elephant Quickly Didn't you hear me

weirdo? Scram Aah! Take it! Take it! Take the fucking elephant! Please, no! Forgive me Peyton, wait! [Barker] Half man and a freak

He's a freak, ladies and gentlemen, he's a freak


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