Den Lyserøde Elefant (The Pink Elephant)

August 15, 2018

Dark Dreams present "The Pink Elephant" *techno music playing* hey Martin you're a pink elephant you're a pink elephant Martin you're a pink elephant you're a pink elephant goddammit! yeah Martin, you're a blue elephant what do you mean? check it out! that's really weird It wasn't there when I got here maybe someone drew it when you were passed out cold I didn't pass out

I just needed some fresh air are you okay? you know after everything that happened to your sister? how long ago is it? I don't think you'll ever get over something like that I should just have kept my mouth shut I'm sorry you have to get through it somehow, right? it's kinda funny really We actually made a deal that if one of us died we had to come back and tell the other they're a pink elephant you know, to see if there was anything on the other side spooky you know, we weren't really being serious none of us expected that we would actually die it was just something we agreed upon we shook hands on it and everything maybe she couldn't find any pink chalk? maybe shouldn't we go back to the party? I'm not really sure I feel like it come on, it has just begun come on! let me see how you look alright then


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