Dog Tricks Training: Rolling Over : Dog Tricks: Dog Treats

August 12, 2018

Bait your dog with a treat is often the approach I use for any command and or trick I always teach that you start with a treat to get focus and actually teach the dog to retain the information

Once they understand the trick and they've done it hundreds of times you can eliminate the food and replace it with verbal praise and physical affection Normally the treats that I use for all of my tricks are the dogs simple dry dog food It's going to be a lot less fattening for your dog and they generally like it just the same If you have a stubborn dog or if it's more of a difficult trick, then I would recommend more of a scrumptious flavor treat, either unseasoned chicken, steak, or pork, a little piece of cheese, or a treat from your local healthy dog food store Generally these treats can be find, can be found at either a feed store or a quality dog food store


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