August 15, 2018

Hi Edmundo, are you bored Then is the perfect time for a new video of curious facts Let's see what we have here Right here, this is a good one remember the sweet and adorable Dumbo That little Elephant with big ears Which could fly In the film there is a scene that made us all mourn The little baby elephant is separated from her mother while the other babies snuggle with their mothers

Dumbo cries and leaves with his friend Timoty They come to a place where they find a bucket of water with liquor They drink until they are completely drunk Dumbo makes bubbles with his trunk that are shaped like pink elephants So far everything seems normal A couple of friends trying to forget the sadness But those pink bubbles start to get weird This scene of the movie is called Pink elephants on parade Is The first bubble elephant creates other friends and together play a fanfare A group of elephants appear with different musical instruments And runs the screen in a particular formation They walk towards clockwise from the point of view of Dumbo This is important to discover the secrets of the message From the moment we leave the world of Dumbo and go into another with their own reality The group of elephants playing music explodes The parade becomes darker There's a face that looks into a room It's a clue! This part seems to refer to a part of Masonic ritual Mr W Disney was in a initiatory society, guess which You guessed it! The freemasons

These gentlemen have some secret codes One of his goals is self improvement By improving one's character, overcoming the vices and virtues strengthening Like a selfmade sclupture It is called initiatory society, because to belong to it You must be subjected to an initiation ritual Some authors who claim to be or have been freemasons we can see the stories and descriptions of these rituals in their books One of the most important experiences is the simulation of death and burial In an underground chamber arranged for that This camera is mentioned in many novels of Masonic subject This part of the ritual is depicted in the film When elephants that look through the windows They come to awaken another elephant who is asleep on a strange bed that looks like a descender for caskets Following are hundreds of elephants descending a staircase to the bed of the sleeping elephant They awaken the sleeper and is taken away while they sing Look out, look out Pink elephants on parade Here they come! Hippety hoppety They're here and there Pink elephants ev'rywhere They're walking around the bed On their head Clippety cloppety Arrayed in braid It's a Clue! Yes, it's a clue

There are three basic degrees in Freemasonry They form a chain of union at the end of their works It may be that this part of the song has this meaning It also looks like the end of the first part of the initiation In which the initiate is taken from the earth to resurrect as a new man Now the elephant was asleep before, appears on the bottom of the screen Saying What'll I do? His alter ego appears at the top saying the same It seems the transition from the concrete to the spiritual or profane to the sacred The elephant comes from the earth asks his spiritual version what to do however the spiritual does not know When one realizes the other, they get scared and run away, saying What an unusual view! then elephants appear in the form of worms Here the song says: I could stand the sight of worms And look at microscopic germs But technicolor pachyderms Is really to much for me I am not the type to faint When things are odd or things are quaint This part of the song seems to indicate the supernatural nature of the ritual At the end of the song, an elephant made up of the heads of many elephants says: Chase 'em away! Chase 'em away! I'm afraid need your aid It's a clue! Society of Masons have suffered political persecution Many of them lost their lives because they belong to the brotherhood The last sentence is the one that leaves no doubt (I'm afraid need your aid) Apparently it refers to the spirit of brotherhood and assistance Materialized in the Masonic call for help This is a sign made by a Freemason who is in danger Any brother must help him Later, the eyes of one of the elephants become pyramids The pyramids are red on the left side, the color of the masters And blue at the right, the color of the apprentice Masons claim that comes from the guilds of egyptians stonemasons Of these pyramids out a combined camel with an elephant It walks to another pyramid wich has the shape of an elephant This is a great clue Freemasons see themselves as a rough stone that is polished to become a cubic stone

A useful stone The camel continues its path becomes snake, a dancer and at the end The big boss in person, directly looking us into the eye

Edmundo, if this does not cause suspicion, i quit After The all-seeing eye, we continue to the next stage of the initiation This stage is called the travel of elements The first is the air, but we do not see it clearly But the second, which is the water element This one we can identify The applicant must be purified by the water At the end of purification with water, another will be made with fire Here we see a pair of elephants change color, from blue to red They are going to be apprentices to masters

One of them makes lightning with his hand and throws it to head to his fellow He gave light The one who received the beam becomes 44 elephants The 44 elephants dance and have fun They transform into cars, boats, trains and planes Then we can see a checkered flag it's a clue! The floor of the Masonic temples have this checkered pattern In the end, all the elephants turned into vehicles explode and become clouds Here we return to the real world of Dumbo Edmundo, pay attention Dumbo is waking up on the tip of a very tall tree How did he get there? In this part of the film Dumbo's new life begins Before, his big ears are a cause for shame But now, the same big ears are a tool to be a hero who helps his friends Sound familiar? Excelente, this is the hero's journey Mentioned in the book of Joseph Campbell "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" You're a smart boy, Edmundo! I hope you enjoyed this long video See you next time, you little curious kitty


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