How to Sew a Baby Blanket : More Baby Blanket Sewing Accessories

August 16, 2018

Hi, I am Karina Fraley for Expert Village and we have just finished making our baby blanket and our burping cloths So I thought I would share with you just a few pointers on some things that you might want to have handy if you decide to take sewing

The first thing you are going to need obviously are some scissors, some shears and these are just regular straight edge shears Now these are pinking shears and these can be used on certain fabrics in leu of the zig-zag stitch So basically any fabric that is tightly woven and doesn't ravel, you can use these I will show you, this fabric is not a fabric that you would normally use at all because this fabric will ravel but I am just going to go ahead and use it to demonstrate the cut that it makes Okay, you just cut along there and you can see that that pretty much accomplishes a zig-zag pattern which is what a zig-zag stitch does

Now these are weights and they actually come in a variety of sizes and shapes and brands and both of these are weights These actually are just small flat bottom ones These are actually more for use like with satins, or any slippery fabrics and they have three prongs You want to be careful that it doesn't ruin your fabric And these come in handy when you want to hold things together temporarily for when you want to apply your pins or measure and cut

These are great, it keeps your fabric together There is a variety of pin cushions and magnet pin cushions on the market This actually is a magnet pin cushion, basically you can see that if you (well that didn't work) basically you can see if you just let go of the pin it will pick it up and that comes in handy If you drop pins you can just run it over you can just pick them up This is just a wrist pin cushion, it comes in handy, it keeps everything right within arms reach and those are handy to have

Those also come in a variety of styles This is just a measuring tape; every sewing room should have one They are very inexpensive and you can pick them up anywhere You can pick them up at your local drug store


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