How to Train a Dog to Sit : Giving Dogs Treats Flat-Handed

August 12, 2018

Treat dog flat handed is a term I like to use when you're going to administer a treat to your dog The reason I stress to all of my customers treat dog flat handed is for a variety of reasons

Like I've mentioned earlier, I want you to give your dog a small piece of treat The reason is whether it's a little Chihuahua or a large Bull Mastiff, I want the dog to learn to take food from a human gentle The only thing I ever feed my dogs by hand is a treat when I'm working with them in the yard If ever I have people food that is leftover, I will take off any seasoning, put the food in the dogs' dish after they sit for me Of course never treat your dog from the table because that will create begging

So with a small treat, after you command your dog to sit, you will give them the treat flat handed so they learn not to take it out of a cone shaped hand As you can notice, when it's cone, they're going to bite your finger I also don't want your dog at a cocktail part to go walking around licking people's hands if they have food, or if you are in the kitchen cooking So remember only treat flat handed


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