How to Train a Dog to Sit : Using Treats to Train a Dog to Sit

August 12, 2018

The purpose of using treats is mainly to get the attention of your dog My philosophy of training at Doggy Steps is to start with the treat to keep the dog's attention

Once they understand the sit command, and the following commands I'll be talking about in this segment, you no longer have to use food It's okay as your dog ages, there will be times when a dog needs refresher training or needs to have strict attention in certain settings or commands I often say, once the dog learns the commands you don't have to use food, but if you do go for a walk, and you notice that you're dog gets distracted, it's okay to get their attention back with the use of a treat To reiterate the goal of, of my personal training is to start with treats and eventually discontinue Ultimately a dog wants to please and be led, eventually using no treats at all


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