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August 15, 2018

(music) Spice: Uh, what's going on here? Sugar: What are you talking about? Spice: All the girls from Series 1, what are they doing here playing with us? Sugar: Well, they're super cool, you don't want to play with them? Spice: Of course not! I don't want to hang out with Series 1 babies They're old news, old fashioned, we're the newest things and we're in fashion

Series 1 babies shouldn't be playing with Series 2 Sugar: Oh, Spice, don't be that way They're good girls Storieswithdolls: Hello Spice, hello Sugar! What happened, I don't see you playing? Spice: Hi, stories with toys & dolls I have a complaint Storieswithdolls: Oh, really? What is it? Spice: What are the babies from Series 1 doing here? Only Series 2 babies can play here Storieswithdolls: Oh, well the thing is, I have a surprise for all of you

Ba-Bam! It's a giant LOL ball! With lots of accessories and new LOL dolls Well (laughs), they're actually two giant half balls that come with a lot of accessories that we can try with the dolls from Series 1 and Series 2! Sugar: I told you, Spice There's enough for all of us! Storieswithdolls: That's right, girls Now come on! Let's go see all the accessories that it comes with! Hi friends! Stories with toys & dolls here! I’m super excited to open these balls and try all the accessories they come with What I'm wondering is if they both have the same accessories or if there's different ones in each ball

So, let's start opening this ball so we can see if there's different stuff in each or if it’s the same thing Boys and girls, I wanted to show you the size of these two balls compared to the size of the ball that the LOL dolls come in Look at the huge difference So, I'm going to start making room in the closets, because I have two closets here full of accessories for LOL dolls Here I have–oops, it looks like I can't fit any more stuff in here (laughs)

So, it's better if I leave it closed Oh!! some accessories fell off the table This crown Two necklaces Let's go to the other closet and see if there's any space there

Oops, it looks like there's two bags that fell from here as well (gasp) Lil Genie, what are you doing here? Lil Genie: Oh, it's just that I like to hide Because I feel like I'm in a magic lamp Storieswithdolls: Oh, that's fine Lil Genie, but this is a closet and it's very dark in here I'll take you to where all the lil sisters are taking a nap

Because we have a lot of stuff to open today So, I'll put you here with the rest of the lil sisters Oh! I thought they were asleep, then again maybe not! (laughs) They're all awake and playing Well, that's okay, we'll leave Lil Genie here while we open the giant ball Or should I say the two giant half balls? We'll try all the accessories on all the babies we have here

So, let's start I'll move this one to the side Let's open this one Wow, it's covered with glitter On this side it has the classic pattern of the LOL dolls balls

It's kind of like a suitcase It has the instructions, this sticker And it says to scratch here, let's see what comes out mmmm It's hard to scratch Okay, well I got this number that I'm not sure what it's for It says to go to lolsurprisecom/bigsurprise And I think I'll have to put this number in but, I don't know what it's for, well we'll check it out a little later But for now let's continue opening the giant ball

We have here 10 surprises And we'll start with the first accessory It's a purple blouse with a platinum vest, and I think it would look good on one of the girls fromthe Glee club! I'm going to put it on Rocker Oh, the blouse looks nice but we're still missing the bottom part Let's open this next one to see if it has a skirt or some shorts or something we can put on her Ooh, something we needed Some shorts

They kind of match the blouse because they have these studs, so let's try them on She looks so cute! (chanting) Turn around! Turn around! Turn around! (laughs) It matches her hair It matches her perfectly (music) So we already found an owner for the first two accessories Now let's see what else we get

Ooh, roller skates! These skates are super cute! They're kind of transparent and like i’ve said so many times, I love transparent things I already have an idea of who can wear these skates Problem is…I have three different dolls in mind Well we have here the Athletic club from Series 2 And here's a doll that already has skates

But, she has ice skates And we also have the Chillout club That also has a doll with skates, but they're also ice skates And from the Athletic Club from Series 1 we also have a doll with skates And

tan-tan-tan-tan! They're actually roller skates! Just like the one that came in the ball! So, I'm going to try them to see how well they fit Wow, they look great! It says here, what could it be? What could it be? Ooh, some shorts! They're golden! I think I know who this could be for It'll look good on Queen Bee from the Glitterati! She has a lot of gold on her clothes and her hair

But, it could also be forLuxe! The super ultra rare doll from Series 2! Speaking about gold, this doll has gold everywhere Let's try the shorts on her

Ooh, she looks nice Let's see if we get a top for her Could it be a top part, let's see Oh, it's a necklace Well I think we can put it like that

We'll pretend it's a lace blouse We'll do what it says here and “keep going”! Let's keep opening and see if we can find a top for Luxe Let's see what do we have here Oh wow! What beautiful boots! Completely covered in glitter! Look at how they shine! Oh, friends, you all know I love everything that has glitter These are kind of cowboy boots so I have a bunch of dolls in mind that these boots will look good on

From Series 1, the School Spirit Club! We have the three students The cheerleader, teacher’s pet, and the band leader The one that could wear the boots is Majorette! Because she has similar boots, cowboy boots Also from Series 1 we have the Dance club! We have another doll here that we could also put the boots on She also has some cowboy boots

Friends, for these boots, there's a lot of competition because from Series 2 we also have another doll that has cowboy boots…Luxe!! And once again from Series 1, the Glitterati! But, the boots match the best withCosmic Queen! She has cowboy boots, and since she's from the Glitterati, she's completely covered in glitter! So, I think that she is the best one to wear these boots

Super cute and super glittery (music) Super cute and super glittery! Wow, look how beautiful Cosmic Queen looks! Totally covered in glitter even her boots Let's continue with the next accessory, let's see who it would go good with Oh, they're some boots Wow, and they're nice because they're not really transparent but they're almost transparent (laughs)

They're super cute, and I think they're winter boots So, I already have an idea who these can be for But it's going to be tough Because in the Chillout club, we have 3 members of the Chillout club who wear these boots We already saw that she wears skates…

These three all have boots for the snow So, it's going to be tough deciding who it goes to But, I'm going to put them on… Cozy Babe! Because I think they match really well with her colors

Wow, they look really good with her clothes Next ball! Ooh, it's a skirt! And it's completely covered in glitter! Friends, there's a bunch of dolls that this will look good on Since we already gave some accessories to the Glitterati from Series 1, we'll give them to one of the Glitterati members from Series 2 Well, it seems like the only one that has a skirt is her So let's put the skirt on Sugar Queen! Ooh, it's going to give her outfit a new twist for sure

And here we have Sugar Queen with her new skirt which doesn't look bad at all Yoo-hoo! We only have 2 more balls left What could it be? What could it be? Ooh, it's a top covered in glitter! And we have someone thats been waiting for a top It's Luxe! She didn't have a shirt so I'll put it on her Oh, it gave Luxe a brand new look, but I think it looks good for a change

We got to the last accessory, what could it be? What could it be? Let's open it! Ooh, it's another shirt! It looks like kind of a rocker style But we already put some accessories on Rocker, so we'll bring from Series 2…the Hip-hop club! The blouse would look good on all of them, but I'm going to try it on…Beats! That will add a little more color to her wardrobe (music) The next layer we have isbubble bath fizzy balls! Let's see what we get in the first ball The tattoo for your finger, the sticker And we'll throw it in the water! Very fizzy! Mmm, and it smells good! The ball is almost all fizzed away so we can see the surprise inside It's a pizza! And I'll put the pizza sticker on it and the keychain kaPloom!… ka-ploom! (laughs) Friends, look at the tattoos that I got (laughs)

These balls aren't fizzing too much How weird Well, let's take the surprise out Another pizza! Well, it's not a duplicate because the other one was facing the other way And with this, we can form a pizza heart (laughs)

I wonder why this one didn't dissolve Ooh, there's the surprise And it's a very exotic perfume it’s called Dove tears I'll put on the other tattoos

Aw it didn't come out very well This one came out a little better Yay, I got one of two different colors Blue with pink And we also got this green one

I wasn't going to change the water out, but now that we got this one with two colors, I will Ka-poom, ka-poom! The water turned purple Friends, it seems like these balls don't fizz much And i think these balls have the same surprises as the ones we opened a while ago because I think we already got all these surprises Let's open this one

Oh, well, I don't think we've gotten this one It's like a gold thermos Let's continue with the surprises Ooh, I love this next layer Well, I loved the accessories, but the fizzy balls not so much because they didn't fizz

But these, ooh, I'm super excited! They come with two little sisters And two regular sized LOL dolls Friends, I don't even know which to open first! I think I'll open a big sis and a little sis Tan-tan-tan-tan! Rock star…Oh, no wonder all the accessories we got were for a rock star type Friends, I think all the accessories might have been for this doll

I see that here she has accessories, so I won't worry too much because I know she has clothes already Ooh, the ball is gold! I think all these balls are gold because–oh no it's half gold and half white! I've never seen one with white, it's new! It's super super new! Ooh, it's a cape! Hey! I’ve seen this doll in several video thumbnails! and I thought that people custom made her (laughs) I was wrong! It's just that she came in this giant ball! Wow, she's like the queen! A female version of Elvis Presley Oh, and her eyes are different colors! Wow, she’s so shiny! Friends, I think all the accessories we got were for her And for the other one that we’ll open after this one

But, I’m sure they’re very nice and will have no problem sharing the accessories with the others Super cute! Now we can open the little sister It says dancing queen The ball is the same because it's also gold and white Wow, friends! I got it right! It's her little sister! I just chose two random ones and they turned out to be sisters!! well i did have 50/50 chance of getting it right (laughs)

And she also came with these shoes that don’t have any glitter So that means that we have another big sister with her little sister here Let's see who it is It says rock star I hope it's not going to be a duplicate

Ooh, her ball is also gold and white Oh what a relief, it's not a duplicate! She has a cell phone Ooh, she's super cute! I love these dolls because they're completely covered in glitter! How beautiful! Her cup, her cell phone Ooh, I noticed something! We can make a full white ball! And it even has the white handle as well! And we can make a gold one too, but we have plenty of gold ones So, the white one is the new thing here! Now let's meet her little sister

The sister is also a dancing queen Ooh, here's the little sister, all covered in glitter! And she also has this type of bag that I love! I have a purple one now! Yay! We already have a white one and a pink one and now a purple one! She also has these glasses But, we're not finished because look at this I was reading that this ball or half a ball can be used as a bowl! So, I'll put some water and ice so we can change the colors of the babies Woo-hoo! Ooh, there's a star on her face now! Very KISS-style like a good rock star (giggle) Let's see her now

A lightning bolt also very KISS-style Oh, and her body also changes colors She has one arm and one leg change colors to green Let's see if this one also changes colors… The legs turn red! Let's see what these do

This one spits And this one cries! Ooh and she changes colors as well, she got the lightning bolt just like her little sister I think I can also keep all my dolls in this ball as well In this ball I can hold the Series 1 dolls And in this other one I can hold the Series 2! The Athletic club! The Glam club! The Dance club! The Opposites club! The Glee club! The School Spirit club! And the very exclusive club…the Glitterati! And the little sisters! And now I can easily store all the dolls from Series 1! I already found out what this number is for, it's for a competition! And the idea is that starting on November 15 we have to check to see if this is a winning number

And here we have the other ball I opened the first one wrong, here it has a zipper, which is where I'm supposed to open it So, I'm going to open it here I just want to see if we get different dolls in here or if they're the same But, I'm beginning to suspect…

ah, this zipper is super hard to open (giggle) But, I'm beginning to suspect that all these giant balls come with the same stuff Let's check it out tan-tan-tan-tan! Awwwww It is the same! But friends, I'm stubborn so I'm going to check the other one We'll see… if it's the one that looks like Elvis Presley I promise I won't open the rest And by just seeing the boots (laughs), we see that it is the same doll

Oh no, if I had known they had the same exact stuff, I would've only bought one half ball!! Well, the good thing is now I have duplicate stuff to spare and another ball to carry Series 2 dolls! Let's put them in club by club as well The Old School club! The Hip-hop club! The Chillout club! Opposites club! Cosplay club! The Athletic club! The Theater club! Storybook club! The Glam club! And the prestigious clubthe Glitterati! And the ultra rare 24k Gold club! And the Giant Ball club! (laughs) And here’s the suitcase with all of the Series 2 dolls! Friends if you’d like to see when the Scooby Doo Gang helped the LOL dolls to solve the water park mystery click on the card on the left

And if you want to see when the LOL dolls had a cheerleader tournament click on the card on the right And subscribe! Lets get to a million subscribers, friends!!!


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