August 15, 2018

hi friends! today we have a really exciting video because I got a new American Girl doll that we will be opening up together today! so let's go ahead and take her out of her box this is the doll that I chose

she is a truly me doll number 29 now let's take off her hairnet and ready? ready? here we go! whoo! we just let all of her hair out it looks so silky and gorgeous hi everybody! I'm finally here! I can't wait to be part of all your fun adventures! now we are going to be brushing out her hair because she was inside a box so let's give her a chance to show her hair how it truly is okay she just got done with her hair being brushed here she is and I did get her ears pierced

so as you can see right now she has some turquoise studs they are very cute and when you pierce your doll's ears you get a little American girl bag, it is very cute! and you get some more pairs of earrings so we have some stars some hoops another pair of the turquoise studs and some silver studsI also picked up this jewelry set it comes with a bracelet for your doll and a necklace for your doll

it has a pink star and it has an adorable little puppy named coconut we are going to put this jewelry set on our new doll and I also wanted to try on this outfit from our generation this outfit comes with a pink fuzzy vest a polka dot shirt with a glittery fox and we get a pair of pink shoes, some shorts and tights this is what the outfit looks like I love it on her! now let's put on the jewelry here is what the necklace looks like on the doll and here is what the bracelet looks like the bracelet does look a little bit big on her but it still fits and it is very fashionable

okay our doll friend has been changed, she got some new jewelry on and I think she's starting to feel at home a little bit better! comment down below let me know what you think of the doll or her outfit or the new jewelry we got for her! just let me know if you like it, what was your favorite part? I also want to try on another our generation set this one is called OG fly and I think this is probably one of the most interesting outfits ever! just look at what you get in here! tada here she is all changed! I really like this outfit the shirt is an ombre shirt and it has a pretend tank-top sleeve that is really fun and we get a yellow handcuff and then we get some gray sweat shorts they say dance at the side, they're very cute and the shoes have to be my favorite part about this outfit they look like vans sneakers and they are pink and black and have black shoelaces on this is just a very cute piece you also get this set of stickers to decorate the skateboard with

you get hearts, stars, and some cute little sayings this is the entire outfit definitely recommend this outfit it has some of the most interesting pieces that I've ever seen so I really like this outfit! comment down below let me know if you like it too! I want to open up this set with you guys this set is from our generation it is called it seams perfect

this is the first item that we get inside this set it looks to be a mannequin body for doll clothes it is a very light brown like a beige color we get this pink and white table that opens up and inside the space that you see in there, that is meant to put the sewing machine inside that also comes with the set the sewing machine is white with some green accents and I think only about 2 of the buttons works they just spin the rest don't work but it is still a very cute piece we also get this white chair and it has a hot pink cushion with white polka dots on it and your American Girl doll or any other doll can sit on it

it does look a bit small but they are able to sit down so that is really cool we get a pin cushion it is a tomato and it is in the form of a bracelet so that your doll can wear it this is what it looks like on a doll I think it is a really cute detail that they made and it is very useful you also get a roll of fabric this seems to be a dark denim type of fabric with some light hearts we get this pink measuring tape so that your doll can make those exact measurements when she is sewing

we also get a doll dress pattern this is one of the most interesting pieces about this set this is really unique and if you know how to make clothes or sew then this will be definitely very handy it also comes with an envelope so that you can store the pattern it is very cute

it does fit inside we get one chalk pencil so that you can mark the clothes and we get one ruler we get a black pair of scissors these don't work but they are fun to play with we get two wooden spools one of them has hot pink thread and the other one has white thread we get a buttonhole measuring tool

we also get a thumb cover so that your doll does not injure herself while sewing we get these four different colored buttons one yellow one black a pink one and a white one and we get this cute little box, it is pink on the bottom and the cover is polka dot and we can go ahead and put everything in there that was the entire it seams perfect set from our generationI definitely recommend this set to you guys even if you don't know how to sew or if you don't really like sewing I think my favorite thing about this set is that it has a lot of details and it just makes it even more fun because it is very realistic thank you so much everybody for joining me today and opening my new doll, our new doll friend and some new accessories

we hope that you had just as much fun as we did and we'll see you in the next video! bye bye!


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