Personalized Easter Baskets for Kids : Adding Accessories to Baby Boy Easter Baskets

August 16, 2018

I think we're just about ready to finish up our basket here We need to fill this empty area

I picked up just a little blue t-shirt It's very simple but I like that's it's going to add just a little bit of color to the basket I am going to go ahead and roll it up like that and put it toward the front, up there It's just going to give a little splash of color, and then this little bunny is very cute, keeping with the season You have to have a little bunny even if you have other little stuffed animals in there

Bunnies are also very cute Then I found this really great little Easter photo album and it says "Happy Easter" It's a cute little bunny and you can go ahead and either fill it with pictures if you have pictures of your child in there or you can just give it as a gift and have mom and dad fill it if you're giving this as a gift to a child that isn't your own Then I'm going to go ahead and use these eggs just to embellish This is for a young child so I'm not going to put any candy in here that could potentially be a choking hazard

But I do like to put the little eggs in there because they add some color and they're fun If you want you can stick candy in there for mom and dad or whoever else might have the basket Then finally, just another last little, I think, staple of Easter is these little marshmallow bunnies, and I'm going to put those right there and I think that gives it a nice finishing touch There you go, there's an adorable little basket for a very special little baby boy


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