Picking the Best Baby Stroller : Baby Stroller Accessories

August 16, 2018

Hi! I'm Roger Hicks for Expert Village, and today I'm going to talk you a little bit about some accessories that are kind of needed with your stroller One of the key accessories that you might really be interested in is a cup holder

A lot of different cup holders you can go with They have some that attach to the side that Velcro’s to the bar Even though it's a small item, a cup holder is a life saver You're doing a lot of walking and strolling, you're out at the zoo, you're getting a little thirsty To know that you have a cup holder and have your drink there, that helps out a great deal

We're going to talk about another one This is California, and in California it's 90% sun We're going to talk about the ray shade, which is an additional shade that you can put over some canopies Where the canopy doesn't allow sufficient covering you have a ray shade, which will then extend that shading for your kid, which is a very important feature for the California sun We'll also talk about storage bags or basic little organizers, which is also key

Something that you can just attach to the back of your stroller just to enable you to be able to put a few more toys or bottles, diapers, things that you might need to unease your trip while out and about with your kid These are some of the accessories that I want to point out Little stroller bags, little organizers, cup holders, things of that nature, sun shades, are all good things to have, and also a little sun block wouldn't hurt as well


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