Picking the Best Baby Stroller : Bugaboo Chameleon Baby Stroller Accessories

August 15, 2018

Hi! I'm Roger Hicks for Expert Village and today we're going to be talking about the Bugaboo Chameleon This is a quite extraordinary stroller

This particular stroller is a very nice smooth strolling stroller, which comes with inner tube tire wheels, excellent shocks in the front, 4 position shock seating It comes with 2 units You have your bassinet unit and then you have a toddler seat unit You also have on this particular stroller some accessories that you can buy You can do a parasail as well

You also have a car seat adapter This particular stroller is compatible with Graco car seat and Peg Perego car seat This is a Graco car seat adapter and basically what you'd do is you just pop the seat off, put your adapter on, put your infant car seat on there, and now you can stroll with your infant car seat, which makes it nice and convenient when you're on the go with your kid To pop that off, just simply push in, pull up, set that to the side Okay, we also have some more accessories

This particular one is called the wheel board The wheel board simply you place it on the back This is if you already have an older kid and they want to go for a stroll with you You simply set your wheel board up or the kid can sit there, and now you can push with one kid in the front, one kid in the back It makes it convenient to stroll both of your kids with you

A few more accessories that they offer are like cup holders, sunscreen shields, and rain shields as well Those are some of the simple accessories that you can also buy for this or transport bag if you do a lot of traveling going out of town That's the Bugaboo Chameleon


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