Seeking Pink Elephants ||SHORT FILM || SASTRA UNIVERSITY|| 2016

August 15, 2018

I had a strange dream last night and its still haunting me I think I saw somenone Where am I? You are somewhere between your head and the reality Haha how poetical! Where am I? Who are you man? *Chuckling* Why are you laughing? What the f*** do you want from me? You know the thing about life? It always doesn't work our way Life is an illusion What we see we can't feel and what we feel we can't see What do you want from me? I don't want anything from you I came here to show you something! You're gonna kill me? Go ahead! I've been f***** up by this life Haha! Kill you? You have played down your own life by this unwanted anger issues You nucleated things that weren't even supposed to be a problem You have misinterpreted the thin line between love and happiness You! Brought your own downfall! I can't even understand what you're trying to say How do you even look similar to me? Tell me who you are! Or I'm gonna smash your face and knock your teeth off You see! That's your problem! You can't control your temper! You are advising me to control my temper! What's this? You know the thing about human emotions? It's a fragile ice It withers you away in time You have to feel,solve and dissolve in it! Then you sail away! And thisis not the answer! You have no idea what I'm going through! You don't understand it! You mean this? Hey! Oh! You came so early! I had to meet a friendHaven't seen him for a long time! Oh! Is he more important than me! No! I said I'm sorry I don't need your sorryYou were the one who actually called me and You made me wait! Now, What's your problem? Why are you so tensed? Tensed? Haha! I've always had the notion that you were'nt even committed to this relationship Now calm down!What's wrong with you? You're just making up something out of nothing I think you hate me I have to go now You seriously have issues in your head So

You have been following me? You have no other job to do? Relax! I've come here to help you! Well You are not helping a bit! Neither do you! Tell me! What happened to your hand? You mean your hand? Oh I mean my hand! Remember those boys by the highway? So they chopped off your hand? For four years! I've seen my life torn apart By this unwanted anger issues Losing your parents, confined to a solitary space looking back At the life that has nurtured you The uncontrollable emotions that vents up I know it's tough Are you from the fu

futu I know what you are thinking It's all in your head May be he is just my imagination I'm not your imagination! I'm you! What would do if you are at the heat of the moment? Tempers flare! You wanna beat everyone for no f****** reasons! WellRight? That's what I did! Well for supposedly for N number of times! I don't know what should I do! It's so frustrating at times We live alone,we die alone and Everything is just an illusion So, What am I supposed to do? To just seek for an illusion? It's hard to look back at the people who have turned you down They don't even understand me a bit And they say I overreact I wish I knew hohow to quit Things happening in your mind and words don't come out What should I do? SometimesThe biggest problem is in your head You've got to believe in yourself Life is a myriad of thoughts You know when you grow up your heart dies And that's why you have changed Experiences however are painful Are necessary! And

I'm your only hope You may think your only chances are Either to swallow up your anger Or throw it at someone else' face ButThere's a third option You can just let it go! Sometimes the biggest problem is in your head I'm not your imagination For four years I've seen my life torn apart I'm you Haha! Kill you? I've come here to help you You can just let it go!


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