Spy hates bananas

August 15, 2018

AHH! Weee !! Weee !! AHH! AHHHHH !!! Bos- *farts* Time to make video! Let's go! Some months of "editing" after Now I just need to save! * alert fences caught * EHH !!!! Have a good time Or not humm Hmm?! Oh! I hate banana! and vegetable and also these fucking balls! I'll blow them up! And no one will see more vegetables and bananas again HAHA! * dialing numbers * Puts grila! A collect call It's good that it's important! Hello, Spy! I want to destroy all the bananas and vegetables in the world, can you help me? It looks good =] Wonderful, Wizzy! You rock! BI BI !!! Now you're paraplegic! I think I died Hm

I'll call you later Following I'll help you not only destroy the vegetables and bananas

but also all the fruits of the world Because I hate them! It tastes like shit! Beauty? Fine Meanwhile Fine Beauty, I have almost everything

We just need Heavy's POOTIS and then you can give me the potion This potion will destroy all the fruits and vegetables in the world Hm Interesting A week later Uh Hi, Spy! Eat what's on your back? I'm the fdp guy in the history of mankind! My back is screwed, thanks to you, sir! Good

blinks You can not move Uh ?! What the fuck? hm hm !! OH! Good and you're so fat, you can not see the chick itself! BUA !! I miss my dick so much! BUAAAAAAAAAAA! You were very fucking! Takes it! THERE IS! Hm

as long as nothing supernatural happens Thank you! AHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Fuck you! Help!! I'll glue it back in a can of soup! (Demoman joined Spy in a can of soup) Thank you! Hehehe 33 minutes and 27 seconds later Uh ?! AHHHHH !!!!!!!! (News of last minute! You lost your POOTIS) Spy, my POOTIS already was! How did this happen? I have no idea Give me a corpse I'll help you get your POOTIS back! Here you go! Thanks! Let's go to MaDoc's house! Meanwhile AHAHHAAHHA !! mmmmmmmm What is it? Look closely! I'm a cake! 26 minutes later Madoc! What? Help us recover my POOTIS! I heard rumors about a witch She is making a potion that will blow up all the fruits and vegetables in the world! and POOTIS is a crucial ingredient for its creation Where is this woman? She lives on Pufi Island! Thanks Madoc! : D Sure, man! 🙂 I have the Midas touch Uh-huh? Heh YEEEeeeeeee

No, I do not have Estupineer! Put a teleport to Pufi Island here! Face

I'm dead! Oh, shit! XIU! Put that teleport shit in here! Beleuzas! Teleportation! Teleport !!! Ah that engineer is an idiot Yes AHHHHHHH !!! AHHH My butt died 🙁 haha PSIIU !!! I'm a fucking wanker Hi Where can I find that v @ di # magica? Do not worry

Come with me! UHHU! I make it look easy! Uhhh I can not run like Sniper! Spy! Help me! Cheers! (I do not give a damn) AHH !! You fat shit! Your mother who did that to me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!! Into the cart, Gordão Come here! What the fuck you called me, you bitch! I say


Hmmahmm Hey, Spy! Wizzy, the fat man called you v @ d # @ magic! And? They are just words Ah Whats up !! Hit with the butt of the Heavy with its magic! Where's the Heavy pootis? I left it here, inside that dead ass! So help me? Of course, I will! Thanks! Uh ?! Shit! the bastard is almost here !! AAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! OW! MAGIC WOMAN! Give my pootis there! No You know You're so beautiful that My fists want to kiss

your FACE! Oh yes? Take that! Hahahaha What the hell was that? Not there! This situation requires a fiery magic power! BI BI for you! Boiola! haha ha Give me his pootis now, please SIIIIIIm There, catch! Cledo Clean that shit, please! My bad! There! Thank you! Now let's go there! Come here! And here we go! Look at the banana! HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE! 'one minute! Why is this banana still here ?! What the fuck?! Wizzy! your hat is gone! This potion destroyed all items in the game! What did you do!?!!? 'Peraí I had an idea An idea later Here, boy, enjoy your banana (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Good We can not destroy fruits and vegetables, but we find a new use for them UHH !!!! : D HUEHUEHEUHEUEHEU HAHAHAHAHAHH HUEHUEHEUEHUE HAHAHAHAHA!


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