The Pink Elephant – Cassette Concert

August 15, 2018

When you listen to it, it seems 'live' And that is why I find 'Cassette Concert' the best possible title

So this, this cassette concept is that we have a limited number of cassettes which we give to people And these people, they listen to the cassettes and pass them on to those friends who wish to acquire the cassette and are willing to pass it on themselves A concert It is something unique, something one cannot get whenever one wants to If you do manage to get to it and afterwards pass the cassette on, you will have had this one of a kind experience, like you've listened to a concert and it is not repeatable

If there is a good idea, it is also important to have good and impressive music standing behind it I believe we have managed to create it It is also more of a concert because we did a live recording It means that the whole band is playing at once, we press the 'Record' button, and do the whole song from the beginning till the end All of a sudden, the arrangement somehow arrives

I listen to what the others are playing, and I try to play differently And that is why it is cool to do a live recording It wasn't easy, there were lots of technical problems, broken cables, cables that were lost Cables were the main culprits Look, here's a cable whose one end I will attach to my leg and the other – to my guitar, so that there is no static noise How did it all begin? Me and Alberts, we started as little kids to form some bands, which were really, really shitty Initially the rehearsals went like this: Sometimes there were 3 of us, sometimes 4, one guy was kind of playing bass, although he didn't really play bass We bought potato crisps We bought cola It was very time-consuming as we also went for a stroll, and it all took us some two hours already

Then we finally arrived, we set up, we ate crisps and drank cola We thought we could maybe go out, run around Then we actually tried to rehearse a bit, but it didn't sound too good We went outside again, got some more crisps Yeah, basically that is how we rehearsed Very productive We recorded this 'Cassette Concert' in Druva Secondary school Me and Alberts, we studied there

Since then we have had a small room in the basement where we can play, record and do whatever we want to It's a valuable experience – better than going into a studio, paying a guy to record us while we have no idea what he's doing I like it how we just do our thing, try to understand what we want to sound like, what the possibilities are Actually we recorded one song in a park There's a very nice park in Druva, which reminds me of my childhood

And there is a huge swing So we thought that maybe we could grab our acoustic guitars, a laptop, a sound card and record one of the songs outside, using two microphones We chose "The end song", and in the end it's the first song of the album, instead of the last To be honest, I think we truly are fans of our own music Every evening after a long day of playing, recording, getting tired and angry, we arrived home, listened to the recordings and got pleasantly surprised by how fantastic the drums sound when recorded with two microphones

Yeah, I think that if you write music, it is important to be a fan of what you write As you might know, internet is not accessible from a cassette player You won't be able to browse Facebook while listening to this album or skip the songs you don't particularly like I think it's unhealthy – doing so many things at once You can neither enjoy books, nor music that way

You've kind of tasted everything but when you think about it, you realize you've tasted nothing This album in a cassette is a symbolic gesture to remind us that we should go back to doing one thing at a time and experience that one thing thoroughly

This album should be listened to from A to Z, from the beginning till the end


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