Training a Dog to Catch a Treat : Dog Tricks: Catching a Treat Theory

August 12, 2018

Hello, my name is Mark Siebel, owner and lead trainer of DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training in Phoenix, Arizona In this segment we're going to be talking about the trick, how to catch a treat

In the scale of level of difficulty, this isn't the hardest trick, but it's a fun one to show your dog, just to work on co-ordination, timing, and balance Normally, what I like to do is start with a piece of your dog's dry food, Kibble, catching a treat, is generally no different than catching a ball or a Frisbee It just doesn't require quite as much timing or co-ordination And, what's nice is, the dog's generally more eager to open its jaws, because it knows it's going to get a tasty treat This, this is a trick that can be used either at parties or when you're taking your dog for a walk

But, it's certainly a good crowd pleaser to show your dog that you have good control and attention, and connection with your dog As I said, this will be the Dog Catch A Treat Trick


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