Training a Dog to Catch a Treat : Dog Tricks: Toss Motions for Catching a Treat

August 12, 2018

Motion to toss treat, to dogs mouth, is an important step in the dog catch a treat trick Many dogs that I train have problems judging the size and motion, of the treat

Dogs see with more peripheral vision, therefore it's hard to have them see narrow small items What I like to do, is show the dog that I have treat, move my hand to keep attention, and then I'll start to get a rhythm of one, two, three You can see how the dog followed each up and down motion A dog who doesn't know how to catch a treat, I want them to learn the motion of one, two, three, so on the third toss, they'll be expecting the food After they understand the three tosses, you then can cut it down to just one toss but it pays to start with the three, so they learn the rhythm and the movement of your hand and when the treat will actually be released, resulting in a shorter time for them to learn, the dog catch a treat trick

So this you can practice as many times, until they get the trick down


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